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John Hohman
Registered Investment Adviser

1060 Wilshire Way
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

ext. 1031

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Services Available:
Financial Planning 
Money Management
Tax Services
Estate Planning
John provides an integrated tax and financial planning strategy to every client based on an individual's specific needs. When you become a client, he concentrates on your specific goals and objectives, whether they are personal, family or business-related. He reviews all of the elements such as investment portfolio and insurance coverage that will affect the management of your assets. Tax implications are considered. 
Available Services
Financial Planning Services
Financial planning services are available based upon your specific financial situation and objectives. Services available include: asset allocation strategies, cash flow planning, retirement planning, educational funding planning, stock option exercise planning and recommendations summaries.

Portfolio Management
We begin the portfolio management process by establishing an investment policy statement that describes your goals and investment objectives. We analyze your assets and liabilities and review your cash flow requirements. We evaluate and monitor your investments and risk tolerance. We then recommend an asset allocation strategy. Once agreed, we implement and then monitor a portfolio strategy. 
Additional Information
References are supplied based upon the specific type of service you are looking for. 
Account Minimums 
Work Hours & Response Time
Regular Office Hours are from 9 to 6 (Eastern), Monday through Friday; will respond daily.
Pricing and Fees
Fees are based upon the specific service you desire. In general, our fees for comprehensive financial planning services range from $500 to $5,000. Portfolio management fees are charged based upon a percentage of assets. 

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